Chapter 11


We didn’t know what the shore was like or whether we could land on it. Suddenly, an enormous wave appeared and overturned the boat. I was covered with water and couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t see the others or the boat.

Another wave carried me to the beach. I was half-dead with all the water I had taken in. I could hardly move, but I knew I had to go farther onto the land to prevent another wave from carrying me back into the sea. Before I could get to my feet another wave crashed upon me, and I was washed into the water. I couldn’t breathe for some time, but then the next wave threw me back onto the beach.

As soon as I recovered, I got up and started running farther inland. Two more waves lifted me after that. The last one nearly killed me because I was thrown furiously against a cliff. The blow left me senseless. When I woke up, I decided to hold on to the rock until the storm went away. After a while I was able to climb on top of the high rock and sit down. There was no danger for me up there. I was saved.