Chapter 12


High on the rock I was safe and extremely happy that I had survived, but I was also thinking about my friends. I never saw any of them again. All I found on the beach afterward were three hats, a cap, and two shoes that didn’t match.

The storm was still raging, but the waves weren’t as big anymore, and I could see the ship. It was so far from the land that I couldn’t stop wondering how on earth I had managed to reach the rocky shore alive.

I looked around and noticed I had almost nothing. I was wet and had no other clothes. I had nothing to eat or drink and nothing with which to defend myself if an animal attacked me. All I found in my pockets was a knife, a pipe, and a little box with tobacco. I was terrified. How could I possibly survive with only these three things? What if some beast found me during the approaching night?

I moved from the rock to the land behind it, and from there I went to the beach. Before sunset I explored the shore while looking for some fresh water. I found some and after drinking, I chewed some tobacco instead of eating dinner. Then I made myself a club from a short stick because I was afraid I might be attacked by an animal.

I decided to spend the night up in a tree. I picked a thick tree with thorns and climbed up to the top where I was going to sit up all night, but I was so tired that I fell asleep and woke up only the next morning. The sea was calm now. I was surprised to discover that the waves have moved the ship, and it was now very close to the rock where I had almost died last night. Since the ship was unmoving, I started considering how to reach it so I could retrieve all the useful objects that were still there.

When I came down from the tree, I saw that the small boat was on the beach but quite far from me. I started walking toward it but there was deep water between me and that side of the beach, so I could not reach the boat. I decided not to waste any more time but to try to get to the ship first.