Chapter 13


Soon after noon the tide was low and I could walk closer to the ship. I noticed that it was stable and not damaged much which made me think that if we had stayed on it, we might all have survived the storm. It made me cry to think that this would have saved my friends. Instead, now I was all alone.

When I calmed down I took off my clothes and swam to the ship. I did not see any way to get inside the big ship so I swam around it twice. The second time I spotted a rope hanging on one side. I used it to climb up and once on board I began to search for food and tools I could use. I was very lucky because I found all the food on the ship was dry. I went into the kitchen and filled my pockets with biscuits. I was eating them while exploring the other cabins.

I also found a bottle of rum which I took with me. There was no other boat on the ship and I needed one to carry the food and tools to the shore. That is why I took some boards and made a raft. I discovered three big wooden chests and put them on my raft. The first one I emptied of all contents and filled with the bread, rice, cheese, meat and corn I had found. I came across some more bottles of alcohol which I also put on the raft. Then I noticed that the tide was getting high again and the clothes which I had left on the beach were already floating away. I was still on the ship so I looked for more clothes.

What I needed the most was tools and so when I found the carpenter’s chest I was extremely happy. Next I looked for arms which I needed to protect myself and to hunt. I found 4 guns, 2 swords and 3 barrels of powder two of which were dry. Having loaded all this on my raft I started thinking how to get back to the shore. Just before I left the ship I found two saws, an axe, a hammer and two broken oars from the boat. I took them and used them to navigate the raft.

The sea was smooth, the tide was rising and the wind was blowing towards the land. All this would naturally lead me to the shore, yet I noticed my raft wasn’t going straight back. This made me think there was a river nearby and if so, I could use it as a port.

Soon I found the river and guided my raft in the middle of it. I did not know the coast so my raft got stuck. Everything on it slipped to the edge and I almost lost it. I had to hold up the chests with all my strength for half an hour before the tide was high enough to set the raft floating again.

I went further into the river but I could not find a place to land because the shore was very steep. I decided to wait for the tide to lift me up again. It wasn’t long before I managed to step on the beach. I propped the oars on the two sides of the raft to keep it still and went to look for a place where I could stay.