Chapter 14


I was now exploring this part of the beach, looking for a hiding place for my belongings. I saw a steep hill nearby and taking a gun and some powder, I started walking towards it. Once on top, I saw that I was on an island. There were some rocks in the distance and two smaller islands nearby. I couldn’t see any sign of people on my island, only wild beasts. On the way back to the raft I saw many birds I didn’t recognize. I killed one but I did not even know whether I could eat it. It turned out the meat wasn’t good.

I went back to the raft and spent the rest of the day dragging the chests and my other discoveries farther into the land. I had to make myself a safe place for the night because I was afraid of being attacked by animals at night. I made a kind of a hut from the chests and the boards of the raft. While working I was thinking that I have to go back to the ship again. I had to get everything useful which was on it because the first storm might break it into pieces.

The next day I left my clothes in the hut and swam back to the ship. On board I made a second raft, which I then loaded with many valuable things. I found a couple of bags with nails, as well as other tools. There were also 7 guns, bullets for them, and some more powder. I remembered to take all the clothes I could find. There was also a hammock and some beds which I thought might come in handy for me.

I brought all this safely on shore and when I returned to the small hut I saw that all my belongings were untouched. There was only a wild cat sitting on top of one of the chests but it ran away when I approached. I threw the cat a small piece of biscuit. The cat ate it and stayed around expecting some more but I could not spare anymore so eventually it went away.

It was getting late, so I made a small tent and brought everything that could be spoiled by rain or sunshine in it. Then I arranged the empty chests around it in a circle. I hoped this would protect it from an unexpected attack. After that I went inside and blocked the door with boards from the raft. I spread one of the beds on the ground, placed three guns next to my head and, exhausted from all the work I had done, I fell asleep almost immediately.