Chapter 15


From then on I would go to the ship every day. In this way I brought many useful tools and objects. The third time I went I brought as many of the ropes and sails as I could carry. Some days after I made another happy discovery on board the ship when I found more bread, rum, sugar and some fine flour. All of this I brought back with me to the little fortification on the beach.

When I went to the ship the next day I started cutting cables. I made another raft and loaded it with pieces of iron and cables but it overturned just when I was reaching the land. I lost the iron parts but managed to recover some of the cables when the tide was low again.

I have now been on that island for thirteen days and I have gone to the ship eleven times. The twelfth time I discovered a drawer full of razors, scissors, knives and forks. There were also some coins from Europe and Brazil there. I knew the money was worthless now, but still I took it. Meanwhile the sky was getting dark, clouds were gathering and the wind was getting stronger. I knew it was no use making a raft when a storm was approaching so I swam back to the shore. That night the wind was blowing fiercely but I was safe inside my little tent.

The next morning the ship was gone.