Chapter 18


I continued improving my little house. I made a wall of earth behind the fence and once it was as high as the fence, I put boards on it. I also kept on digging into the rock and when I realized there were no wild beasts on the island I made the cave larger. Bigger space in the rock allowed me to store all my belongings in some order.

Then I proceededR to make myself some furniture. I badly needed a chair and a table for my accommodation. I used the boards from my rafts and the ship to furnish myself with these two commodities. Next I made shelves inside the cave. I arranged my tools on them. My clothes and guns were hanging there as well.

I was very pleased with my work. The cave was comfortable now, everything was in order and I could easily find whatever I needed.

It was then that I decided to start a journal. I would describe my daily activities in it. It would do me good to put my thoughts to paper. I started by writing down my experiences from the very first day on the island. I continued describing how I spent my time after that and kept on doing this every day until I ran out of ink.