Chapter 19


This is my journal.

September 30th, 1659

My name is Robinson Crusoe and I have shipwrecked on this island, which I have named “The Island of Despair”. Everyone else who was on the ship with me drowned and I am left here all alone.

October 1st

In the morning I saw that the ship is closer to the land than before. I swam to it and started bringing things to the beach. I kept doing this every day of October.

October 25th

It rained a lot and the ship broke to pieces. I could no longer take things from it.

The end of October I spent building my fortification. On the last day of the month I explored the island and killed a goat with its kid.

The first couple of days of November I spent arranging the chests and boards I have taken from the ship as a fence around my tent.

November 4th

I decided to make a schedule in order to organise my time better. Every morning I walked for a few hours, then worked until 11, had lunch, took a nap between 12 and 14, and continued working until the evening.

That same day I started making a table, which took me longer than expected. I finished it the next evening.