Chapter 20


November 5th was the day when I first saw seals on the beach. Later on during the day I found and killed a wild cat. It had a very soft skin, but the meat was bad.

The next five days I was trying to make a chair.

On November 13th was the great storm with thunder and lightning which made me think of separating my gunpowder in order to keep it safe and dry. This took me three days. Then I began digging behind my tent into the rock because I needed more space. I used a very hard tree to make myself a shovel, but did not succeed in making a wheelbarrow.

For eighteen days afterwards I was expanding my cave with the tools I had. I needed to make the cave big enough as it was going to be my warehouse, kitchen, dining room and cellar all at once.

Later on I worked on the roof of the tent, which was leaking when there was rain. I placed long poles around the tent, which I then covered with large tree leaves. This created a second cover above my head and was keeping me dry inside the tent.

December 10th

I had almost finished with my cave when a great quantity of earth fell down from one side. I was scared because this could have killed me if I had been in the cave at that time. Afterwards I had a lot of work to clean up and re-do the cave again.

The next week I spent propping the ceiling of the cave with long boards in order to avoid such disaster from happening again.

December 20th

Little by little I began arranging the furniture in my small fortification. The next three days the weather was bad. It was pouring down with rain day and night, so I continued with my tasks indoors.

December 27th

I killed a goat and made another one lame. Its leg was broken so I took the goat home on a string and took care of it until it became tame. This event made me consider breeding animals so I could provide food for myself when the gunpowder finishes.