Chapter 24


Soon I found cocoa trees. There were also orange, lemon and citron trees on the island which I had not noticed before. I made a pile of the fruits I gathered and returned to my house to get a bag for them. When I returned I found the fruits scattered. Some were eaten, some were stepped upon. I concluded from this that there are some wild beasts around.

Still, I liked that fruitful valley and I began thinking about moving my tent there. Then I remembered that the beach was far away from that valley and I would not see if any ship passed by. Instead of settling there, I decided to build another house there, which I would visit from time to time.

I made a small hut, and then surrounded it with a double fence. Again I was using a ladder to go in and out of it. This whole business took me the whole of July and the beginning of August.

It was then that the rainy season started and continued until the middle of October. I was mostly inside my fortification during this time. Confined indoors, I started expanding the cave again until I came out the other side of the hill. I made a hole there and now I had a door for my house.

Meanwhile one of my cats had disappeared and now returned with three little kittens. Taking care of them, I was indoors that season, eating what I had gathered before. I went hunting only a few times. I killed a goat and once I found a large tortoise. I was surviving on this meat and on the raisins which I had dried before.