Chapter 26


After this discovery, I continued exploring the island and found pleasant savannah fields. I also discovered that there were many parrots, hares and foxes at this side of the island. I even caught one parrot and took it with me. There were also numerous turtles, tortoises and birds, including penguins. This part of the island was more pleasant and there was more food but I did not want to move my fortification.

I kept on wandering, but I got lost and it took me a few days to find my way back to the beach where I had seen the land at the distance. From there I knew how to get home again.

On the way back my dog captured a young kid which I saved and took with me. I was determined to breed tame goats and now I was offered another chance. I left the kid in the hut until I prepared a space for it in my fortification.

I was so tired from the trip that on my return I relaxed for a few days. I made a cage for the parrot and brought home the kid, which was very tame by now.