Chapter 3


We were all working very hard but the water kept coming into the ship. The storm was not as dangerous anymore but the ship was already badly damaged. Our captain continued firing guns for help. There was a small ship in front of us which sent us a boat. The sailors on that boat risked their lives but managed to reach our ship. With great difficulty we all boarded the boat. We couldn’t think of going back to their ship which was very far way already. It was too dangerous, so we decided to try to get to shore instead.

Fifteen minutes later our ship sank. We were safe on the boat, but I was still so afraid I couldn’t watch. We were soon close to the land and we could see many people on the beach expecting us. When we finally reached the land we were treated with great kindness. The local people helped us find rooms and gave us money to get to London or go back to Hull.
If I had had any sense, I would have gone home then. Hearing that my ship had sunk, my father must have been extremely worried about me. Even my friend, the son of the owner of the ship, thought I should go back home and never go to sea again. I met him and his father in town. The owner of the ship turned to me and told me I should take this disaster as a sign to go home. Despite all this, I was very stubborn and decided to go to London.