Chapter 36


After I had secured all my new possessions in the cave, I hid the boat again and went back to my fortification. I returned to my previous life, only I was more vigilant and attentive than before.

Time was passing and I was often thinking about the people I had seen on the beach. I was wondering whether I had any chance of survival if I went to sea with my boat. These thoughts were always in the back of my mind, day and night.

It was one night in March when I dreamed that 2 canoes with savages had landed on the beach. One of their victims ran away and came towards my fortification where I saved him and he knelt to me and became my servant. He helped me navigate out of the dangerous currents around the island.

I woke up, but this was all stuck in my mind. I realized that if I had a savage to help me I might be able to escape from the island and reach the continent. Perhaps I could save one of the victims brought to this island to be eaten. I made up my mind to look out for the savages and for the next year and a half I would go daily around the beach, hoping to see canoes.

This finally happened one morning. I was in my fortification when I saw 5 canoes with more than thirty men on the shore. I could not attack them since they were too many, so I just waited, observing them through my telescope. They had a fire set up and were dancing around it. I also saw two men, probably victims, tied together.

After a while the two tied men were brought to the fire. One was beaten with a club and the other was left standing. While the savages were preparing to eat the first one, the second one started to run towards me. I was frightened he would make my fortification known to the others, but soon I saw that he was followed not by the whole group, but only by three savages and he was quickly outrunning them.