Chapter 45


I gave him a pistol and my sword, and with the little Spanish I knew I asked him to help us defeat the cannibals.

The savages were startled by our sudden attack. Our unusual guns scared them even more, so we were quickly winning. I asked Friday to get us the guns we had left loaded by the big tree. I sat down to load the ones we had just used. When I turned around, I saw the Spaniard was fighting with a savage. Although brave, the Spaniard was weak and the savage was going to kill him.

I ran to help him, but at the last moment the Spaniard threw away the sword and taking a pistol shot the savage down.

On his way to get the rest of the guns, Friday had used his hatchet to finish off the wounded savages. The Spaniard wounded two more, but they managed to run away. One ran to the forest, where Friday killed him with his hatchet, but the other one swam to one of the canoes. There were three people in it, one of which was wounded. Those were the only ones that had escaped.

Friday shot at them, but did not wound them. It was dangerous to let them go because they would tell their people about us and would demand revenge. Friday and I jumped in one of their canoes to chase them, but to our surprise we found another tied person on the bottom. He was scared because he had not seen the fight, but only heard it. The ropes were so tight around his neck that he was going to die soon if I did not cut them.