Chapter 46


The savage was shaking with fear and exhaustion, so I asked Friday to come near and talk to the prisoner. I gave him some rum and when Friday came, I asked him to explain to the prisoner that we had just saved him from the hands of the cannibals.

I was surprised to see Friday cry, then laugh and kiss the savage. My friend jumped and began dancing around, moving his hands and beating his face. Then he cried and laughed at the same time, so it was a while before I could make him talk to me. When the initial excitement was over, Friday told me that the prisoner we had just saved was his own father.

It brought tears to my eyes to see the affection the son showed for his father.

Friday returned to the boat and held his father’s head to his chest. Then he rubbed his father’s hands and feet with his hands to warm him up. I gave him some rum to rub in and soon Friday’s father was feeling much better.

This happy incident had delayed us and it was no point pursuing the savages who escaped. They were almost out of sight by now. It all turned out well, because two hours later a terrible wind appeared and continued the whole night. I doubt the survivors had reached their island at all.