Chapter 5


Most of my fellow men were carried to the emperor’s court, but because I was young and strong I remained as a slave to the captain of the pirates. I felt very sad, but this was only the beginning of my troubles.

I was hoping my new master would take me with him when he went to sea; and when a Spanish or a Portuguese captain attacked him, I would be set free. Yet this did not happen because my master left me to look after his garden every time he went to sea. I spent two years hoping to escape.

Sometimes when my master went fishing he would take me and another young man to help him. Sometimes he would even send me and the young man with one of his relatives fishing in a small boat.

One morning when we were fishing, a thick fog rose and we were lost. We struggled to reach the shore the whole day and the following night, but it was only the next morning that we finally got back. After this adventure, my master decided to use a bigger boat, the one from our English ship, and make it more comfortable. He had a cabin built in the middle of it and installed some additional sailing equipment.

One day my master ordered me to put extra food and drinks as well as guns with powder on the boat as he was expecting some distinguished guests to join him for fishing. They also intended to do some hunting afterwards. However, the guests refused the offer at the last moment, and my master let his relative, myself, and the boy go fishing as usual.

When my master told me this, I remembered all my plans for escape and prepared the boat not for fishing but for a journey. I convinced the captain’s relative to bring more food, pretending that we shouldn’t eat our master’s food. I secretly brought some more bottles and additional gear such as a rope, a hammer, and a big lump of beeswax for making candles. I also asked the captain’s relative for powder and bullets, again lying that we needed them to shoot birds for my master’s table.

Soon we were at sea, and I pretended I couldn’t catch any fish. This way I persuaded the others to go farther out to sea. The captain’s relative went to the front of the boat, and I quickly pushed him overboard. He attempted to swim back to us and begged us to take him back, saying he would go anywhere with us. I didn’t trust him so I took one of the guns and pointed it at him. I told him to leave us alone and swim back to the shore if he wanted to live.