Chapter 52


I reassured him that they did not have the slightest intention of eating them. Instead I thought they were going to shoot them.

After a while I noticed that this was not the case. The people from the boat went exploring the island, while the three tied prisoners were sitting at the beach with a guard. They looked desperate. The situation made me think of my own arrival on the island. Just like those prisoners I had felt lost at first.

Soon the tide was low and the boat they had come with was stuck in the sand. They could not move it, so I heard them shout to each other that they would leave with the next tide. This gave me ten hours and the night was approaching, so I would get an opportunity to go near them and overhear their conversations. Now I was sure they had come here to leave those three men here as a punishment.

Friday and I were going to remain hiding in the fortification until dusk, but about two o’clock in the afternoon I noticed most of the men were asleep and the three prisoners were sitting under a tree quite close to us. It seemed to me they were also out of sight from the other sailors, so I could approach them without being seen.