Chapter 56


The seven men in the forest sat down under a tree. It seemed they were wondering what to do and, seeing this, the captain had a brilliant idea. We were going to wait until they shot in the air again and then attack them. That way they would have no time to charge their guns again and we would take them by surprise.

However, this did not happen because they did not shoot again. After a long consultation under the tree, they got up and walked off towards the beach. They must have given up looking for their fellows and this encouraged us to act quickly before they’ve reached their boat.

I ordered Friday and the captain’s assistant to hide themselves and shout to the seven men. Then by shouting back, they would lead them to the opposite side of the island. This strategy worked just as I had planned it, and the seven men were just by the boat when they heard the shouts and ran up the beach. One of the three men also left with them, so now there were only two left in the boat.

This was very fortunate for us. We attacked the two men and they had no choice but to give in and join us. Meanwhile Friday and the captain’s assistant returned. They had led the others so far away that they would not return before dusk.

We lay in ambush for them and when they returned they were very tired. Still, I did not want to attack them just yet, because I wanted as few victims on either side as possible. I was waiting for them to separate into smaller groups which would be easier to defeat.

When the sailors came to the boat, they were amazed to find it empty and hauled up the beach. They started calling their fellows, but again there was no response. After a while the leader of the mutiny and two others separated from the rest and walked towards the forest where we were hiding.

The captain and Friday attacked them as soon as they were closer to us and away from the group. The leader was killed on the spot, a second man was deadly injured and the third one ran back.

Then we all emerged from the forest and moved closer to them in the dark. I made one of our prisoners call the sailors by their names and ask them to capitulate. The captain also joined the conversation and soon the sailors were convinced to drop their weapons and surrender.