Chapter 63


I had come to realize that my life on the island had been very calm in comparison with what was awaiting me back home. I had suddenly found myself the owner of a big property in Brazil, but I did not know how to manage it or who to ask for help. If I was still on the island, I would just bury my gold in the cave, but I simply could not do that now.

I did not want to burden my friends with my problems, so I considered returning to England and finding a way to settle my accounts there. At the same time, I was also thinking about taking all my wealth and possessions with me and moving back to Brazil. In the end, I chose to go back to my homeland first.

Before leaving Portugal I replied to all the letters that had arrived in that big packet from Brazil. I told the monastery to donate the money they had from my property to the poor. I also wrote to thank my trustees and my partner for their honesty and integrity in taking care of my plantation during the years I was away. I revealed to my partner my intentions to return soon to Brazil and take care of my property. I accompanied the letter with fine presents for him and his family.

I sent my luggage to England, but it took me some time before I felt confident enough to travel by sea again. There was a gut feeling that was stopping me every time I considered going aboard a ship. It might have been my bad experiences from previous travels, but I suspect it was my intuition. In fact, two of the ships I had considered boarding did not reach England at all.

This is why I resolved to travel by land through Spain and France. I wasn’t in a hurry, and the money did not matter anymore, so the slightly more expensive journey looked like a good option. Besides, it was much pleasanter and allowed me to see new countries.

I found three English gentleman and two Portuguese merchants who were all going to London, and we set off together. All in all, we were six gentlemen and five servants. Our journey was very pleasant but not without its little adventures.